Vic Valcarcel

Assistant Professor of Economics


Phone: (806) 742-2466 ext. 239

Fax: (806) 742-1137

Office: 257 Holden Hall


Spring '15 Office Hours:  M-W-F 11:00AM-11:50AM  or by appointment             




   Spring '15 Courses 


ECO 3311 - Intermediate Macroeconomics (Undergraduate)

ECO 3323 - Principles of Money Banking and Credit (Undergraduate)


ECO 4323 - Monetary Theory (Undergraduate)

ECO 5310 - Price and Income Theory (MA)

ECO 5315 - Mathematical Economics II (PhD)

ECO 5316 - Time Series Econometrics (PhD)

ECO 5323 - Monetary Theory I (PhD)




Broadly speaking, my research falls under two main areas: empirical macroeconomics and monetary economics.

The econometric avenues my research generally relies on are those that deal with nonlinear dynamics.

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