Below are links to files for download by students in the TTU Tuba-Euphonium Studio. Most are PDF files that can be saved to your computer and printed. Please email Dr. Wass if you have trouble opening any file.

Ensemble Audition Music

Spring 2018 Euphonium
Spring 2018 Tuba

Student Schedule Forms


Course Syllabi

MUAP 1001-5001: Applied Music (Lessons)
MUAP 3190/4190: Junior/Senior Recital
MUEN 3110/5110: Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble
MUEN 3106: Tuba-Euphonium Quartet
MUEN 3106: Brass Quintet
MUSI 2000/7000: Audition Repertoire
MUSI 8302: DMA Recital Project II
MUSI 8304: DMA Recital Project IV

Technique Syllabus

Spring 2018
Spring 2018 Repeat


Studio Performance Grading Form

Practice Aids

Daily Practice Routine
Weekly Practice Log